• "Thank you for a wonderful year at the Family Centre. You have been our Community and extended family. We have enjoyed coming here every week and have always felt welcomed. It is such a great Centre and we can feel all the hard work and care in each and every activity."

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The Family Centre  

Activities at our Family Centre are currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will keep you updated here as the situation changes. Thank you for your patience.

We are conducting a survey to understand how we can begin our services again. If you have two minutes to spare, we would very much appreciate your feedback.

The Family Centre Survey 

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Katherine & the Family Centre Team



Welcome to The Family Centre at Highgate Primary School.

Please take a look at our current timetable on the following page.  We offer a mix of playgroups, health services, workshops and courses for parents and carers with children 0 – 5 yrs and are very pleased that some of the staff from Highgate Primary School lead many of our playgroups. Come along, bring your friends and enjoy all that we have to offer you here in the centre.

Birthday party lettings are available for Saturday and Sundays.  Please call 0203 213 0004 for more information and a brochure. 

Feedback from users:

“Excellent groups and services which have helped us become the family we are today”

“At last I feel I have found somewhere safe where I can learn and grow as a parent”

“It is not just a group of services, it’s a real community”

“Personally I feel like there is a great family spirit in the centre that my children and I have benefited from”

” The children had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the Playing Together course – definitely the best activity session for 3 & 4 year olds in the area”

We have a  ‘PLAY CHAMPION’  badge from National Children’s Day UK

PLAY CHAMPIONS are children’s centres, playgroups, schools and other settings where children find space and time for play of all kinds – creative, exploratory, imaginative, deep play, rough and tumble play, role play, mastery play – any type of play that involves children’s natural creativity and being able to do things without needing to focus on specific, pre-determined outcomes.


In the garden 075Planting in the ‘Playing Together’ Course

Messy Play! Messy Play!

swampMaking a Swamp!

Elmer 005Making Elmer

  Storytelling with the Headteacher!

Peek a boo games with Year 5’s

Making Gingerbread Men

Look what I made!

Cooking session helped by some year 5’s

    Playdough time!

Cooking is my favourite!