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You Are The Key…

You’ve probably heard the dulcet tones of our new school piano, which is enhancing concerts and performances for the whole school community.

The aim of the You Are The Key campaign is to complete the fundraising needed to be pay for both the new piano and its future maintenance.

Piano Cost: £3170

Christmas Shows audience  collections: £1500

The New London Choir audience collection: £250 

Total Raised So Far: £1750

Total To Raise: £1420 

Please note any extra money raised will go towards a protective frame for the base of the piano and future piano tuning and maintenance.

You now have the unique opportunity to sponsor one of the 88 keys!

For a £20.00 donation, your child’s name will be written on a key on a fantastic piece of original artwork designed by one of our parents, Andrea Rodriguez Lagartos. This beautiful piece will be permanently exhibited in the School Hall.

The opportunity to sponsor Middle C will be included in the Auction of Promises on 11th May.

If you would like to name a key for your child, please donate online at:

Once you have donated, please email Claire with the name/names you would like on the key at:

Three names on each key will be the maximum. If a family opts to sponsor a key for more than one child it will be forenames only. If its one child per key it will be forename and surname.

Many thanks.

William and The PSA