• Raising funds for new recycling bins!

  • Raising funds for a new bike shed!

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Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to Highgate Primary School, please use the secure payment method below.

We are currently focusing on raising funds for new recycling bins and a new bike shed – helping our school become greener than ever… *

3 sets of Recycling Bins

We need the new bins for the whole school community to enable recycling of both dry recycling (paper and plastic) and especially food waste from playtime and after-school snacks (orange peels, banana skins etc.).  We are also keen to have recycling bins which are harder for foxes and squirrels to pilfer in order to reduce the spread of litter.

Cost: £762.95 per set

New Bike Shed

We need a new bike shed for our lower playground as more and more children are cycling to school which is wonderful news but we need a home for the bikes and scooters, particularly as winter approaches!

Cost: £1870

Thank you so much for your support and interest; we are incredibly grateful.

We look forward to keeping you posted as to how much we have raised.

*Please note that if you would prefer to make a donation for something other than the Green Campaign, please add a note in the Comments box below, and we will ensure your donation is spent according to your wishes.



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