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PSA Events Coming Up Autumn 2020

Halloween Dress Up Day – Friday 23rd October 


Horace Tea Towel

A different kind of event… introducing the Horace Tea Towel!

Our new Horace Tea Towel which has kindly been designed by a talented school dad. The tea towels are available to buy on Scopay here:

Please select the price according to the quantity you would like as follows:

£5 = 1 tea towel, £10 = 2 tea towels, £15 = 3 tea towels, £20 = 4 tea towels

Place your orders on Scopay and we’ll distribute the following week via class teachers.

The tea towel was designed by Bravespear and anyone who purchases a tea towel will also get a Bravespear Gallery postcard which will give you 15% off anything in the online store (plus free P&P)