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Year 6

This year’s teaching team is led by Rhoda Pennington and Rob Burgess.

Welcome to Year 6, the top of the school! Read on to find out more about the Year 6 approach to learning and details of what we will be doing this year.

The final year of primary school is a period of great opportunity for the children. As role-models for the younger children, they take on increasing responsibility, for example as Playground Buddies. They are expected to show growing independence and maturity as they prepare for transition to secondary school both in their learning and when participating in exciting events such as the Year 6 Pendarren trip and the Leavers’ Show. The range of activities allows each child the chance to excel, and children are always encouraged and challenged to focus on their own progress rather than to compare themselves with others.

Our curriculum has a strong focus on the core areas of maths, reading and writing, to ensure that pupils are suitably prepared for SATS, which take place in May, and secondary school. We also enjoy studying science, art, DT, history, geography and literacy through our topic work.

Topics studied in year 6 include ‘Heroes and Superheroes’, which involves children designing and writing their own superhero stories and gives the extroverts the opportunity to dress up as their own imagined superhero. We make the trip to Madame Tussauds to inspect their superhero exhibit as well as mingle with our favourite celebrities. Another favourite topic is ‘Mad Scientists’ where we design and conducted our own experiments. This culminates in a  Science Fair event, planned and delivered by the children to their parents and school guests.

A programme of trips and regular visitors helps provide an education that is both balanced and enjoyable. Somehow we manage to fit in lots of PE with our sports enthusiasts enjoying hockey, tag rugby, cricket and bench ball. We also make use of Highgate Woods whenever we can.

An important part of our school year is the residential trip to Pendarren in the Autumn Term, where the children experience exciting and challenging physical activities such as abseiling, canoeing and caving. It provides an opportunity for the students to make new friends in the parallel class and get to know their teaching team in an informal environment whilst developing greater independence. For many children – and teachers – it is the highlight of the year!

The summer term is dominated by preparations for the Leavers’ Show: making props, painting scenery. raising funds and designing costumes, selling tickets, and learning their lines. Past productions have included shows based on ‘The Lion King’, ‘Grease’ and ‘Bugsy’. As for this year’s show…… we’re not going to tell you yet!