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Welcome to Year 5

Stoke by Nayland

This year’s teaching team is led by Jen Samson and Mags Kelly.

Year 5 is an exciting year, with some fascinating topics. By the end of the year, we hope the children will not only have learnt lots, but also developed as individuals and had a great time in the process!

A Victorian Education

Our year starts in September with an exploration of Victorian children at work and play. We study the life of a street child called Jim Jarvis (the boy who inspired Dr Barnado), as well as dipping into Dickens’ classic, ‘Oliver Twist’. The topic concludes with the children experiencing a full day as a Victorian student (including woodcraft for the boys and needlework for the girls).

What Price Progress?

In the second half of the Autumn Term we look at the changes brought about by technology, both in the modern day and as part of the Industrial Revolution. This includes an exciting air quality project, during which the children make solar ovens, produce their own stop animation films on pollution, and visit the Crystal building.

Our Place in Space

After the Christmas break, we move onto a topic all about space. We study our solar system, design and build space stations and write our own Sci-Fi stories. In music, the children also use iPads to compose a soundtrack for a space-based poem. We especially enjoy a fantastic trip to the Science Museum, including a 3D film about the International Space Station.

The Ghosts of Highgate Past

In the second half of the Spring Term, we immerse ourselves in our local history topic – The Ghosts of Highgate Past. The children find out about highwaymen such as Dick Turpin and explore the famous Alfred Noyes poem ‘The Highwayman’. The topic begins with a blindfolded sensory tour around one of the classrooms, which is transformed into a spooky, fog filled ‘graveyard’ – complete with screaming! The children create a detailed model of a shop on Highgate High Street, as it would have looked over a hundred years ago.

Journey to the River Sea

The first half of the Summer Term we learn all about rivers.  As part of this topic the children embark on a voyage down the Thames, explore the water cycle and make a short film explaining the various stages of a river from source to sea. We also enjoy cricket lessons outside and often finish with a cricket tournament in Highgate Woods.

A Village School

Towards the end of the Summer Term, our topic is ‘A Village School.’ The highlight of this is a trip to the small community of Stoke-by-Nayland. Ahead of this, children learn about the local area in Suffolk, as well as build up links with children from the school.