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Welcome to Year 4


This year’s teaching team is led by Emma Judge and India Oliver.

We aim to provide the children with a stimulating curriculum based on our range of exciting Year 4 topics.

The Terrible Tudors

Our year starts in September with the children being special guests at King Henry VIII’s coronation ceremony. We ask them to investigate whether the ‘Terrible Tudors’ were, indeed, terrible before moving onto our ‘Explorers’ topic, which includes an exploration of Epping Forest and visits to Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge and the Golden Hinde. Our first class assemblies give the children the chance to show their learning over these two topics.


After the Christmas break, we study the history, science and technology of ‘Flight’, including creating our own airline logos, liveries and adverts.

Masks and Minotaurs

In the second half of the Spring term, we find out all about ‘Masks and Minotaurs’, exploring Ancient Greek myths, gods and heroes. Last year one class treated everyone to the epic saga of Jason and the Argonauts, while the other class presented a range of myths in the style of ‘The Voice’!

Away from Home

In the first half of the Summer Term we learn all about the experience of evacuees during World War Two as part of our ‘Away from Home’ topic, culminating in a fantastic 3-day residential visit to the Tolmers Activity Centre in Cuffley. We also visit the RAF Museum in Hendon.

Active Planet

Towards the end of the Summer Term, we move onto our ‘Active Planet’ topic, studying natural phenomena such as tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes and the effect they have on people’s lives.