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Welcome to Year 3


Welcome to Year 3. This year’s teachers are Lorraine Gooday and Nick Lynch.

In all areas of the curriculum, we offer a variety of ways for the children to express their creativity and the opportunity to learn in different contexts, whether it is independently, in pairs, or in groups. The children enjoy a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor learning and are inspired by regular trips and visits throughout the year. As the children move into Key Stage 2, we enjoy seeing how quickly they further develop their independence and confidence within their school life.

Living Together

Our year starts in September with the brand new topic ‘Living Together’ – a celebration of community. We share ideas about family and friendship, explore our school community and pay a visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor, a temple where we can experience, first hand, a different way of life.


This topic is followed by Chocolate: immersing ourselves in the riches of the rainforest, we trace the history of chocolate production right back to the Mayans and enjoy taste tests led by Divine Fairtrade. We fashion 3-D cacao pods of papier-mache and draw portraits of Montezuma, the Aztec king.

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

After the Christmas break we delve deep into the history of the Treasures of Ancient Egypt, exploring the way of life, the culture, the art and the beliefs of this fascinating civilization. We excavate Egyptian artefacts, write our names in hieroglyphics and come face to face with Ginger the Mummy at the British Museum.

Beyond Ourselves

In the second half of the Spring Term we travel ‘Beyond Ourselves’ to consider the lives of children living in a Zambian village. We explore the similarities and differences between our lives and theirs before writing letters to Zambian pen pals and playing Sticks Jump!


In the first half of the Summer Term, we learn all about Londinium – Roman London. The children expolore life in Britain before the Roman invasion and find out who the Romans really were through the investigation of a range of sources including artefacts, Roman myths and legends. In Art, we make Roman mosaics and encounter stories of the great heroes through vase paintings and classical art.

Footprints from the past

Towards the end of the Summer Term we follow Footprints from the Past, travelling over 65 million years back in time to discover more about the amazing prehistory of the world through the eyes of dinosaurs.