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Welcome to Year 2

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This year’s teaching team is  led by Chrissie Warman and David Calvert.

We aim to create a friendly, nurturing environment in which the children feel safe, secure and comfortable in expressing themselves. By encouraging and valuing the children’s interests, we support them in exploring their own learning paths as they move through the year. We want to build on the children’s natural curiosity and promote a lifelong love of learning.  This year is a very exciting year for the children. We have six fascinating cross-curricular topics that immerse the children into their learning. In addition to the topic curriculum, children in Year 2 also experience Forest Schools every two weeks in Highgate Woods – wind, rain or shine.

Time Detectives

Our year starts in September with the topic Time Detectives. The children learn skills to analyse artefacts to see what they can find out about their own past. The children complete an archaeological dig in the school’s Peace Garden and unearth some very interesting finds. These skills come in handy in the next topic.

The Great Fire of London

In the second half of the Autumn Term we study The Great Fire of London. The children read eye witness accounts and use their investigative skills to analyse surviving artefacts from 1666. Towards the end of the topic the children deliver their prosecution statements to a court room judge, who duly convicts and sentences Thomas Farriner.  To support the learning, the classes visit the Museum of London, The Monument on Pudding Lane and St Paul’s Cathedral. The children also recreate Pudding Lane on a grand scale, but unfortunately a careless baker might leave his oven burning and the entire street might burn to ashes…

Making things Move

After the Christmas break we study the topic ‘Transport’. The children investigate almost every form of transport imaginable and design and make their own concept vehicles. They write their own set of instructions on how to make their own unique vehicles, using just fruit! One of the many highlights of the topic is a visit to Greenwich via the Emirates Cable car, the driverless DLR and the Thames Clipper Ferry. We also visit the Transport Museum in Covent Garden and are taken back in time through a time tunnel to visit London in the 1700s.

Light and Dark

In the second half of the Spring Term the classes study the topic of Light and Dark in which children learn all about nocturnal animals. The children always impress the zookeepers at London Zoo’s Nocturnal Animals Centre with their comprehensive knowledge of animal facts.

The Circus

In the first half of the Summer Term we learn about the history of the circus. Each child learns a range of new and challenging circus skills, develops confidence and coordination and performs their own circus in the big top tent. Inspired by John Burningham’s ‘Cannonball Simp’, the children write their own circus stories and discuss and debate the role of animals in circuses.

Sun, Sea and sand

At the end of the year the classes study the seaside, along with its role within our history, our lives today and into the future. The topic culminates in a visit to the beach town of Frinton-on-Sea, where the children get a chance to enjoy a traditional day at the seaside.