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Remote Learning 

The arrangements we have put in place to make our school as Covid-secure as possible, the cooperation of the entire school community, and a healthy dose of good luck, have all helped minimise the need for classes or individual children to self-isolate.

However, as we are now about to enter a second national lockdown, it is realistic to expect that further periods of self-isolation for individual pupils or groups will occur over the next few months. The more extreme situation of the whole school being closed also remains a possibility, though one which we sincerely hope will not be necessary.


Remote Learning Books

Accordingly, we have put in place arrangements for the remote learning which will need to take place in any of these scenarios. Your child will have brought home a Remote Learning exercise book; please keep this book in a safe place until it is required. In the event of a period of remote learning, it will be needed to record your child’s work. On return to school, the book will be handed to the class teacher who will then be able to see, and respond to, all of the work which your child has carried out at home.


Google Classroom

Most importantly, inside the cover of the Remote Learning book you will find the login details which your child will need to access the work set for them by their teacher. We will be using the Google Classroom platform for this purpose. This app is web-based and allows for secure communication with individual pupils, classes or year groups. Adopting its use across the school will make our remote learning provision more efficient, allowing teachers to focus on supporting pupils’ learning. Please have a go at logging onto Classroom in advance so your child can ‘join’ their class (some classes will already have done this as they have been trialling the system.)

For children in Years 1 to 6, we are also putting login information for the MyMaths app into the front of Remote Learning books. In the event of self-isolation, class teachers may direct children to complete MyMaths tasks, also accessible on-line.

As and when these arrangements need to be put into practice, class teachers will provide further details. However, should you have any questions at the current time, please email your child’s teacher.


Nursery and Reception
Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage will not be using remote learning books. Google Classroom will still be used to communicate activities for learning at home and login details for this will have been given to you by your child’s teacher.


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