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The school was last inspected in July 2013. Amongst the main findings, OFSTED commented that:

This is a good and improving school. Leaders, managers and governors are focused on improving the quality of teaching and this is successful. The headteacher, together with the newly formed senior leadership team and middle leaders, is focused successfully on driving up standards of teaching and pupils’ achievement.

There is a trend of continuing improvement in pupils’ achievement and standards over the last three years. 
Pupils make good progress throughout the school, including those who enter the school other than at the usual time.

Pupils enjoy their time at the school and their involvement in a wide range of activities.

Opportunities for pupils to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills abound in this school.

The continuing development of the Family Centre, led by the school, ensures there is high-quality liaison with parents and carers and relationships are built with the school and other professionals from an early stage.

Relationships across the school are good and pupils are polite and courteous to adults. They behave well in lessons and in the playground.

Pupils have many opportunities to apply their English and mathematics’ skills across a range of subjects. These are linked to pupils’ experiences through visits and the development of the Forest School, which enriches their experience by giving them the freedom to explore the natural environment..

The governing body is well organised, with committees regularly reporting to the full governing body. Governors have a range of skills they bring to their role which support the school well. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school, and have an accurate view of the achievement of different groups of pupils.

Pupils from the on-site school for deaf children are integrated well. There are positive relationships between these pupils and others. Pupils learn to communicate using British Sign Language.

You can read the full OFSTED report here:

Highgate Primary School Ofsted Report July 2013